"Life is a Choice" Every day kitschy vinyl toys, with different shapes and colors (golden pigs, tomatoes, eggs, skulls), are splatting by a trained Indian throw of all Venice sidewalks, promenades and boulevards. The entire city is occupied. Each vendor sets out a paperboard for the product presentation and a kit of wrapped colored balls for sale, 3 euros per item.
They are somewhat like a community, an organization - deal with it for years, provide themselves in the same place, when there is a police patrol all of them go out of business and scram to the fixed lair. In his video Jarema Drogowski is just like a Hindu, with an identical set of elastic tourist gadgets, but in a stark and cleaned gallery space. He makes a choice, spares hour of his life for a completely strtange to him action, a different life.
He analyses the plasticity of a vinyl material, influence of the impact force, throw direction, rotation. He observes the splatting process and how the matter returns to its original shape, the proportions of hits and fails, extent of the involvement with the action replaying, type of emotions associated with this activity. The project also includes lead castings of pigs, designed on a basis of the vinyl prototype, which are like an anti-toy, denial of the original. With these transformations Drogowski lives the others everyday, but in a completely different milieu.

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