"ROCKETS" – What I pay attention to in my work is the power of human mind. Like a mouse running in a spinning wheel which creates a semblance of freedom, the man in a closed space that's full of limitations is still able to create something of a tunnel between him and freedom. Or rather a portal allowing him to be transferred to another dimension. The "squash" game is a kind of such a tunnel. The game was invented by the prisoners in "The Fleet" prison in London. Its appearance was due to the need for movement. That version of lawn tennis, known today all over the world, was created from the determination of the men who wanted to open the closed space. The prisoners who stand on the court (in the prison yard) are transferred into another dimension, free from prison isolation. Different rules apply to them then - the ball may not go out or hit the ground twice. Apart from that there exists a point system that allows one team to win and to open the space. The actual sense of the "ROCKETS" work refers to the fact that if we have open minds, then we're able to exceed our capabilities despite our limitations. And that rule, presented with squash, is universal and functions in all worlds, at all levels. Human mind is able to construct such a tunnel. It's like making a hole in a hole.
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