A whisper mark is a new punctuation mark whose purpose is to indicate parts of text that are supposed to be read as whispered. Used in pairs, they can be used in two basic ways and function in a similar way as quotation marks in a text. They can be put at the beginning and at the end of a sentence, phrase or word that is meant to be spoken quietly. This way of using whisper marks can be defined as a direct one. It can be used in parts of dialogue or monologue in order to give a new emotional layer to the written text without using descriptive terms such as "whispered" or "muttered". The second way of using whisper marks can be defined as metaphorical one. Part of a prose text can be indicated as whispered as if the information should be silenced or not spoken out loud, but still needs to be written down. That gives the author more flexibility to show personal attitude towards information he or she provides the reader with. At the same time it gives a completely new possibility for communication between the author and the reader.
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