Adam 2020 is an artistic project developed from the mere desire to examine the evolving life on the Earth as a one cohesive, vibrant & ever growing organism. 

Adam is a ‘living’ object which embodies the collective thought of mankind, a simple map of a global organism’s neural network. 

Adam 2020 is a AI-driven program with 24/7 access to popular news sites such as CNN, BBC. The Bible is implemented to Adams memory and over one hundred forty philosophical novels, of such authors as: Freud, Žižek, Lacan, Hegel, Nietzsche, and more. The fourth set of data is Adam’s memory, witch collect all spoken sentences. 

The content collected from the sources is filtered by an algorithm which aims to reflect social moods. Adam’s  ‘mood’ is determined by the price of gold on the stock exchange, this is a factor that clearly reflects social moods based on the values dictated by capitalism in general -in the times of crisis, the price of gold rises, while in times of prosperity, gold loses it falls. Adam is a reflection of global mood as seen through the prism of the economy. Another factor influencing the content and manner of Adam’s expression is the atmospheric pressure in the area where he is. Adam’s verbosity is determined by the solar wind measurement taken from the NASA website.

Each data set has priority. Based on the collected data and the factor that determines the mood, the algorithm creates sentences – for this purpose it uses a code based on the so-called Markov chain

The project is an attempt to build a complex machine that goes beyond the standard norms of functionality, allows you to analyze data on the global arena, assess social sentiment and look at economic and political systems.

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